Alpine Test Site GŁtsch


There is worldwide an increasing demand for accurate information on icing in cold climate and mountainous regions, mainly to fulfill the growing needs of meteorological information for various human activities, such as construction, recreation and utilization of natural resources, in particular of wind energy.

In 2004, a 600 kW Enercon E-40 wind turbine with integrated blade heating was installed on Guetsch mountain, central Switzerland, at 2'300 m a.s.l. Coincidentally, a fully equipped test station of the Swiss meteorological network SwissMetNet was installed about 150 m away from the wind turbine in 2003.

The immediate proximity of the two facilities operating under icing conditions led to the launch of the research project "Alpine Test Site Guetsch: meteorological measurements and wind turbine performance analysis" which is embedded in the European "COST Action 727: measuring and forecasting atmospheric icing on structures". The project's goal is to expand the knowledge base on atmospheric icing specifically in the Alps.

More information about this project can be found here