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Andermatt (Google maps) is a small mountain village with 1'300 citizens located in the Ursern valley at 1'447 m a.s.l. in the canton of Uri in central Switzerland. It is mainly known as a winter holiday location and as the main base of the Swiss mountain army service. It is as well the home of famous ski world and olympic champion Berhard Russi. Furthermore it serves as an important traffic junction, located between Furka pass to its West (to canton of Wallis, Rhone valley), the Oberalp pass to its East (to canton of Graubünden, Rhine valley) and, most important, the Gotthard pass to its South (to canton of Tessin and Italy).

A map of Andermatt can be downloaded here. You can find more information about Activities in Andermatt here, information concerning Accomodation in Andermatt here and additional information about Switzerland here.

How to get to Andermatt

Nearest airports to Andermatt (map): Zurich (Switzerland), Geneva (Switzerland), Basle (Switzerland), Milano (Italy)

From the Airport you can reach Andermatt by train:

  • Zurich - Andermatt: 2 to 3 h (selected connections there and back)
  • Basle - Andermatt: 3 to 4 h (selected connections there and back)
  • Geneva - Andermatt: approximately 5 h (selected connections there and back)
  • Milano - Andermatt: 3 to 4 h (selected connections there and back)

You can create your own timetable here. If you have to change the train in Göschenen, please note that you have to take the passage underground crossing to get to the other side of the railway station. There is a small red train that takes you up to Andermatt.

Swine flu (H1N1)

Please follow this link to find important information concerning swine flu H1N1 given by the Swiss Federal Office of Public Health. Should you notice flu symptoms during your stay in Andermatt, please don't attend the workshop anymore and contact a local doctor.

Visa application

For any information about application for visa use this link. If you need an invitation to enter Switzerland, please contact the local organisation committee.

Conference Venue

The Conference will take place in the multi-purpose-hall (Mehrzweckhalle MZH) of Andermatt. All oral and poster presentation as well as the Icebreaker Party will take place in this building. It is located at about 3 minutes walk from the railway station (see map). Most of the hotels are situated at maximum 15 minutes walk from the conference site.