Workshop Programme

Considering the high number of submitted abstracts, the high scientific level of most of the abstracts as well as the variety of the topics and the restricted available space, the selection of oral or poster presentations was a difficult task and we apologize in advance for it was not possible to meet all preferences for oral presentation that were submitted by the authors.

The conference hall will be divided into two spaces, one for the oral sessions, one for the poster session. In the poster area, lounges and bar tables for discussion groups will be available as well as free coffee and tea.

In order to give a high priority to the posters, the full afternoon of Thursday, September 10 is dedicated to the poster session. All poster authors will have to be near their poster during this time to present and discuss with the other participants.

By using the links below, you can download pdf-versions of the conference programme and the book of abstracts. Please note that the information given in these documents is subject to change. At the registration desk in Andermatt, you will receive a printed version of the book of abstracts so there is no need to bring a printed version.